Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Summer Wildlife Safari

Now the sun has begun to shine and with the holidays stretching out before you, why don't you get outside for a breath of fresh air and explore the beautiful nature in your neighbourhood. Summer is a season of abundance for our wildlife and you can see this everywhere you go. Bees and butterflies are busily feeding over the wildflower meadows, bats are swooping over ponds and streams at dusk, even the swifts screeching through the air, never stopping to rest, add to the summer sensory experiences of the natural world.

Avon Wildlife Trust is launching an exciting new campaign this summer to showcase all the fantastic things on offer in Avon that will make this summer a memorable one. The 'Summer Wildlife Safari' will give young families lots of great ideas of things to do during the school holidays. Full of information to help people explore and discover the natural world around them and updated daily, this campaign will draw together all the best things happening around Avon.

Every day at 10am during August @wildschools, the learning team's Twitter account, will tweet a different  activity, event or challenge for you to do. From butterfly spotting in the beautiful meadows of Dolebury Warren, listening for cuckoos at Lower woods, staring at the stars in the Planetarium or den building at Portbury Wharf, there will be plenty of ideas to entertain the kids and yourself.

Not into Twitter? Then keep up to date through our Summer Safari blog.You can share your experiences, post pictures and top tips for other wildlife lovers on Avon Wildlife Trust's Facebook or comment on the blog.

There'll be plenty of other ideas available to tie in with all those other jobs you may need to do. Print off a spotter guide and be a ladybird detective whilst out in the local park walking the dog or even in your own garden and if you have a bit of shopping to do in town why not download our City Centre nature trail to take with you. With all this information at your fingertips this summer is going to be a wild adventure, rain or shine.