Friday, 16 September 2011

Teacher training event at the Friend's Life Centre

I just wanted to say thanks to Liz at Friend's Life Centre at Brierly Furlong and the teachers from St Michael's CE Primary School in Stoke Gifford who attended the twilight training session yesterday. Friend's Life have kindly invited local schools to use their grounds as an outdoor learning environment after working with Avon Wildlife Trust over the last few years to make the site more wildlife friendly. Last year we worked with office staff  to create a wonderful new wildlife pond which is now looking great.

 Yesterday teachers found mayfly nymphs, phantom midge larvae, water fleas, hoglice, freshwater shrimps, an alderfly larva and the empty skin of a dragonfly nymph and the pond is only a year old! There's so much potential to use the grounds to engage students with the natural world in the future and it's only a short walk from school. Lucky students I say!

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