Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Make your own Christmas Stars

With Christmas on its way, why not get creative and make some of your own decorations? It's a great activity to do with children and they can admire their creations through the Christmas holidays.

Whilst out and about in your local green space, collect twigs and take these home to start making a Christmas star! If you find any fur cones, bring them home as well as these look great decorated.


  How to make a Christmas Star:

1.  Select 5 of the straightest twigs (of similar thickness) and snap them to a similar length, depending on how big you want your star to be.

2.  Arrange the twigs in a star shape and glue into place at points where they are touching. Leave your star to dry overnight.

3.  When the glue is dry the following day, decorate your star however you like! Let your creativity fly! How about painting with glitter, covering with gold or silver tissue paper or wrapping with sparkley thread?

4.  When your star is finished, attach some thread and find a good place to hang it. You could even pop it on the top of your Christmas tree!

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