Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Bowsland Green Pupils Turn Nature Dectives!

Last Tuesday we had a fun-filled, action packed day at Folly Farm,  our Learning Centre and Nature Reserve. We were joined by pupils from Bowsland Green Primary School, who got 'stuck in' to a range of activities.

Pond dipping

We also explored  micro habitats in the woodlands. We had to rummage around under leaves, dead wood and in soil to find out mini beasts, who were a bit reluctant to make an appearance in the cold, but we discovered worms, spiders, snails and woodlice, to name just a few. Then, under the cover of our outdoor classroom, we worked out what food chains there are in the woodland... who eats what!

In the woods
 We then turned detective and examined owl pellets! Owls eat small mammals, usually whole! They regurgitate pellets made up of bones and fur, parts that they cannot digest. Through careful inspection of skeletons within the pellets, we were able to decipher the owl's dinner. Mice and voles were mainly on this hunters' menu!

Disecting owl pellets
A great day was had by all... The pupils from Bowsland Green were great fun and brilliant nature detectives!
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Pond dipping was a firm favourite amongst the visitors, who investigated what creatures were lurking under the water... it was surprising to see so much life in the water during the winter!

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