Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Kids go wild at Folly Farm!

We had great fun at Folly Farm on our half-term Bush Craft day! 

After escaping the lesser spotted bear at Folly Farm (!) by doing SAS-style rolls through the woods, the children worked together to make their very own survival shelters. These weren't just any old shelters - one group even managed to fit theirs with a water drainage system which they were pretty chuffed about!

Having made their shelters we were all feeling a bit peckish and so the children worked together to build their own fires and bake some bread.

After making some lovely cinnamon and sugar dough we wrapped it around sticks and toasted it in the fire...and then topped it off with some nutella...Yum!

We weren't quite finished there though - Bush craft isn't quite the same without the mandatory toasted marshmallows! 

It was great to see how well the children looked out for and helped each other in the different activities.

Thanks to all the kids for making it such a fun trip out!

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