Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Signs of Spring...a visit to Badocks Wood

Tree in blossom

Spring has sprung! At last we begin to see some new life  and sunshine after those cold, dark winter months!

 We took classes from Badocks Wood Primary School and Little Meads Primary School to nearby Badocks Wood to spot the signs of spring.

Wild garlic
It is all part of a project that links schools up with their local nature reserves. The children get to understand how these places change during the year, our last visit to the wood was in the Autumn. Read our autumn blog entry here!

One of the fist signs of Spring we saw was the beautiful sight of blossom on the trees! We asked the children to think of words to describe this... 'spectacular' was our favourite!

Building a nest

 Another sign was wild garlic. The bright green leaves of these plants have a distinctive garlic smell! We saw flowers  growing in the ground, lots of daffodils and green buds growing on the trees!
We were all looking for signs of Spring, but then we stopped walking, closed our eyes and listened!

We could hear so many different noises, mostly birds! Birds are particularly noisy during Spring as they use their bird song to attract a mate. So we tried singing  some different bird songs!
A great activity was testing how good the children would be as birds, singing their particular bird song and trying to find other birds of the same species.  You can listen below to both the natural bird songs in Badocks Wood and the children singing their own version!!

The bird songs of Badocks Wood by Avon Wildlife Trust
 In groups they made birds nests together, thinking carefully about  making it comfotable, safe, waterproof and where to place the completed nest.

Badocks Wood is a great outdoor learning resource for these schools that is only a short walk away!
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