Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Additional Autumn Courses for Reception and Key Stage 1
Autumn is a fantastic time to get out of the classroom, wade through the gorgeous colours of fallen leaves and discover how wildlife gets ready for winter.  We've designed some new courses especially for Autumn at the Folly Farm Centre available right up until winter officially starts on the 21st December.
Autumn Antics - Years 2 & 3
How do Folly’s woodland mammals and birds prepare for the winter time?  Perhaps they need to find a warm and dry place to hibernate during the winter months, or they might collect and store nuts and acorns to eat when food is scarce.
Follow a trail into the woods to discover what can affect jays, squirrels and hedgehogs as they try to survive through the winter.  Help them by doing some searching and collecting yourself.  Once in the woods have a go at hiding nuts, just like the jay who can store up to 3000 acorns, and test your memory to see if you can find them all again at the end of the day.  Find natural sources of warmth to ensure your own small mammal survives a cold winter's night.  Will it still be alive when you come back to check it in ‘the morning’?  In the afternoon get creative and have a go at finding the full array of colours amongst Folly Wood’s fallen leaves to create an autumn rainbow collage to take back to school.

Autumn Teddy Bears - Reception / Year 1

A programme following the main theme of the Teddy Bears’ Picnic but with additional activities which focus on how British animals prepare for and survive through the winter months.

During the morning discover the secret of SWAF through a story and some energetic games, then hide and store some acorns to eat during the harsh winter months when there is little food around.  At lunchtime set off on a trail to find the missing teddies and have a picnic in the woodland shelter or back at the centre.  Afterwards choose a cosy safe place to keep a furry mammal warm through the cold winter and settle it down for hibernation.  After a game come back to see whose mammal has stayed the warmest.  Finally have a hunt for the acorns that were hidden away earlier.

If you would like any information about our courses please email schools@avonwildlifetrust.org.uk or call us on 0117 9177270 and make the most of learning outside the classroom this Autumn.

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