Friday, 26 July 2013

Avon Wildlife Safari Day 8 - On the Water

This weekend it's the Bristol Harbour festival, full of music and outdoor performances but also a great chance to get on the river and see the city from a different perspective. Whether it's hopping aboard the SS Great Britain or taking a ride on one of the historic vessels that make up the M shed fleet, explore the river and take a step back in time.
photo: Darin Smith

Urban rivers have changed in recent years, after a long time of being polluted through industry and poor sanitation, many urban rivers are now rich and healthy ecosystems. With the second highest tidal range in the world the Avon Gorge is a fantastic habitat, dominated by soft silts and muds, with smaller areas of gravel and rock. The mudflats support dense populations of invertebrates and these invertebrates provide a food supply for large populations of migratory birds. Look out for the distinctive cormorants and herons hunting for fish and see if you can catch a glimpse of the reclusive otter.

For more information about walks around the river Avon download this river Avon trail leaflet

At the harbourside festival watch out for the Newfoundland dogs display.These dogs are trained to be lifesavers at sea, their oily fur keeping them buoyant and their webbed feet acting as paddles to make them excellent swimmers. Once you've had enough of all things watery head off to the lovely Castle Park where you will find a circus stage and children's area, enjoy this fantastic green space in the heart of the city.

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