Friday, 14 February 2014

Introducing our fantastic guest blogger for this week, Rocco, year 5 from Windwhistle Primary School - take it away Rocco!

Yippee!  Only one or two more eggs have to hatch!  I'm not quite sure how long it took but that day was amazing.  
They are all swimming really swiftly but they are certainly much quicker than I expected.  They look like they have no idea where they are.  I named 3, one Larry, one Nev  and one Kendrick.

I think they have become more interesting as they grow and many more people want to have a look now since they all have hatched into alevins.

I'm not sure what we will feed them but at the fish farm it was brown and cylinder shaped food, they jump up and catch it either to show off their goal keeping skills or to show they are hungry.

Anna from Avon Wildlife Trust hasn't seen them all hatched yet but the last time she came in two were alevins but they were not moving - probably sleeping on their yolk sacs.  I almost forgot to tell you Kendrick and Larry have got to the bottom of the tank - Larry did it first and that's why I called him Larry Loner.  They are deep sleepers - the only thing they do is a wriggle or their way of doing Gangnam style.  I think they have already done about 75 laps around the tank!

 Rocco year 5, Windwhistle Primary

Here are the rest of Rocco's class learning all about sustainability and how long it takes for waste to decompose in the oceans.

Thank you Rocco, a fantastic blog and we can't wait to hear about how all the other alevins and their names!

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