Thursday, 20 March 2014

Trout and About at Blagdon Lake with Milton Park Primary

The mist lifted and the sun came out as the Milton Park year 5s arrived at Blagdon on Friday to release the brown trout fry that they had so carefully looked after since January.  It was quite a long walk for some of them from the fishing lodge, across the dam and round the woodland, but all the children got the opportunity to see much of the wildlife that lives in or around Blagdon Lake, from badger setts in the woodland to coots and cormorants on the water. 

One of the highlights was throwing bucket loads of fish food into the tanks where 20,000 rainbow trout are being held before being released into the lake next week. Nobody had ever seen so many fish in one place before!

Then, after lunch, the Milton Park children released their little fry into the reservoir and watched them swim to freedom and join their bigger friends living in the weedy depths of the water.  The end of an adventure for Milton Park, but just the beginning for the brown trout!

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