Thursday, 15 May 2014


Feeding elvers is a delicate operation - better to let them go a bit hungry than feed them too much - so last bank holiday weekend, the Yatton Junior School Year 5s gave their elvers a little extra to keep them going over the long weekend and were very pleased to see that they had all survived an extra day without food!

Quite a few of the children commented that they thought the elvers were getting stuck on the sides of the tank and were surprised to discover that in fact elvers are great escape artists and were probably not stuck, but exploring instead!  By wiggling and sliding, the elvers can almost lift themselves out of the water, but so far have not managed to get as high as the top of the tank. 

Next week we will be giving the elvers a bit of a helping hand out of the tank because they will be collected up and released into Blagdon Lake for the next stage of their amazing life journey!

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