Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Autumnal Antics at Brown's Folly

'Rickety old bark hanging like a bat
Lumpy leaves swaying in the breeze
Rotten branches with putrid fungus
Roots emerging like witches fingers
Fluffy moss climbing high to the sky' 

It was a beautiful day to go exploring in the woods today with the lovely Key Stage 2 class from Churchfields The Village School in Monkton Farleigh. Using our new Brown's Folly Nature Journals pupils explored the hedges, fields and ancient woodlands, discovering hawthorn berries, hazelnuts, beetles and spiders, learning about the importance of wildlife corridors to provide shelter and food for a whole range of wildlife.

The sun shone and pupils wrote amazing poems about their favourite trees. Wow, they were creative!
The dead tree, lying in front of me
How magical could it be?
The rotteness of the dead
Just coming to haunt my bed
The tree was black as black
And wrinkling, like a soft rag
Slippy as ice...perfect for woodlice.Tom
Owls hoot and squirrels scramble
Sleepy leaves let loose, float to the ground
Wiggly branches twisting and turning
Homes for birds, drowsy and tired
Sleeping itself, the big, old tree
Conkers let loose fall down to the ground
For me to pick up and take home.Grace

We played the Camouflage game to see how good they were at hiding in the woods - Harriet won but she was the only one that outwitted me! We found nuts nibbled by wood mice, tree snails hiding in the bark, squirrels storing food for the winter, spiders in webs, ladybirds, woodlice, huge slugs and even a red admiral butterfly making the most of the late sun.

If you live near Bath and would like one of our Brown's Folly nature journals then leave a comment and I will get back to you.

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