Friday, 5 October 2012

What is it? #3

photo: Kate Pressland
What is this? Yes I know it's an insect, a creepy crawly, a minibeast, but what type is it? Look at it's fabulously shiny body. It must have a good, healthy diet to produce that lovely sheen. I wonder what it eats? Any ideas?

Have you seen one of these before? They actually fly too! Why don't you go and do your own minibeast hunt this weekend and let us know what you find. You could draw a picture or take a photo and see if you can identify it using iSpot.

Many organisations conduct surveys to help us find out more about different species. This means your findings could help scientists work out ways to help wildlife in the future. If you like insects then check out the surveys offered by Buglife to see how you can help. Meanwhile, tell us what you think the insect in the picture is and come back on Sunday to find out the answer.

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