Sunday, 10 March 2013

End of week 3 of #troutandabout

Exciting times.....all the eggs have hatched and my student parents are doing a fine job. The alevins are wriggling around, and as far as I know, Jane's Pond is still alive at Ashton Gate primary and Alevin and the fishmunks are doing swimmingly at St Barnabus.

Hatched alevins at Ashton Gate
This week pupils have been learning about the Marine Stewardship Council and discovering more sustainable ways of fishing and watching their own  fish change and grow as they start to explore the tank.They also discovered that their trips next week will take them to the reservoirs of Chew Valley where they will learn about the different habitats around the lake and compare the freshwater habitat to the one they studied near to their school. These are owned by Bristol Water and supply water to homes, schools and businesses in Bristol. 

Barni from Ashton Gate primary school  has sent an update for the blog.

Thursday 7 March 2013
Julie set the trout out of the cage into the fish tank, sadly a few will never be able to swim because they didn't make it. There's been a few that have tried to swim up but they need to absorb their egg sacks before they can properly swim about.
The trout are huddled together to not be seen. It looks like we will have a few swimmers in a few days.

Two weeks to go......we're hoping to make a film of the project so watch this space to see how the trout and the pupils get on.

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