Friday, 22 March 2013

It's World Water Day!

So let's celebrate with this final blog entry about the Trout and About project from 5P at Ashton Gate primary school.

Monday 18 March 2013
Today we went to Blagdon lake and fed 18,000 fish. Then we went on a nature trail through the woods and saw the lake overflow in action. After that we went to Chew Valley lake and walked on a very muddy path to release our trout at the stage of fry. Also we got sticky bits of card and made pictures out of small plants. Some fish had no egg yolk left when we released them. Everyone misses the trout a lot already.

The field trips have been a great ending to a fabulous project. Students have had the chance to see how their fish will grow and develop. They've got muddy and wet, visited small rivers and big lakes, learnt about where their water comes from and how the lakes support a wide range of wildlife. 

Thanks also to Bristol  Water who have funded the whole project, providing the transport and tuition costs, fish husbandry expertise and tanks, which has enabled the project to be truly inclusive. 



Finally,thanks to all the students, your blog entries have been really interesting. I've loved working on this project and glad that you have enjoyed it too. Don't forget to look for the MSC tick when buying fish to make sure it's sustainable and look after your school pond by providing lots of nice plants and keeping it litter free.

Happy World Water Day!

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