Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Wild Schools live on BBC news with Little Stoke Primary

Bright and early on Friday morning, years 5 and 6 students from Little Stoke Primary School became TV stars appearing on BBC Breakfast news. 

Everyone involved even impressed the BBC studio so much during the first live segment that we ended up doing an extra two live segments along with two headlines during BBC 1 breakfast news show which has over 7 million viewers.

The BBC was reporting on research by Sue Waite from the University of Plymouth  on how learning outside of the classroom benefits children's learning when back in the classroom and they were looking for a school to demonstrate an outdoors project.

Thanks to a very enthusiastic Mr Trimble and his year 5 and 6 class the very next morning we set up our Wild Schools Film Challenge in the school grounds ready for the BBC film crew.  The Wild Schools Film Challenge has been piloted by Little Stoke students who  helped test all of the equipment and will be ready to launch in the next few weeks to all schools in Avon.  

Students got the chance to show their film making skills once again live on TV and were true professionals giving some fantastic answers to BBC news reporter John Macguire about why they enjoyed learning outside the classroom.  In case you missed it you can view the last segment here 
 Well done to everyone involved and a special thank you to Mr Trimble and Mr Howes and the students of Little Stoke Primary School for getting up extra early and doing such a fantastic job. We can't wait to see your final films of your school grounds.

Jo Morris


  1. That is my school!

  2. That is great to hear, well done to Little Stoke Primary school - great school grounds full of wildlife all ready to be filmed and some fantastic students too. Jo