Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Avon Wildlife Safari Day 19 - Become a palaeontologist for the day!

Big Dig

Ever wanted to dig for dinosaur bones? If you go along to the museum in Weston Super Mare this summer you can get involved in their Big Dig and find out more about palaeontology. Take a look at their displays which range from the archaeology of the earliest inhabitants to the wildlife that you can see today. The museum is on Burlington Street, BS23 1PR and has a cafe and a shop selling specialist publications about the area.

Once you've learnt all about the fossils and bones of days gone by you might want to follow up this visit with a trip to Bristol museum where you can meet the best preserved dinosaur in Britain, the Bristol Dinosaur and visit the dinosaur resource area.
The Bristol Project is enabling palaeontologists (fossil scientists) at the University of Bristol to help people discover and learn about Bristol's very own dinosaur which lived on tropical islands in the area 210 million years ago.

You could also visit the Dinozoo at Bristol Zoo Gardens where you can meet animatronics of 13 different dinosaurs or go online and play some of their dino games to get learn more about the wildlife of the past.
photo: welovebristol.com

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