Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Avon Wildlife Safari Day 33 - Deer, badgers, newts, butterflies, owls, bats, there's so much to see....

..at Folly farm, one of our top ten nature reserves. This 250-acre reserve, set in the beautiful Chew Valley, provides magnificent views over the lake and the surrounding area. It is home to a diverse selection of wildlife that live in a mosaic of habitats from ancient woodlands to wildlife ponds and wildflower meadows to orchards.
 With public access all year round (no dogs allowed), you can enjoy a frosty hill top climb in winter or a warm springtime dawn chorus walk in the woods. At dusk, during the warmer months, you can visit the extensive badger sett and catch a glimpse of the resident family of badgers, listen out for the owls or try to spot a shy deer roaming the woods.
photo: Darin Smith
Avon Wildlife Trust provides a downloadable guide about the reserve for you to take with you but there are waymarked walks and plenty of interpretation boards around the site to help you get the most from your visit.

The Folly Farm Centre, situated within the nature reserve is an Environmental Learning and Conference centre. Avon Wildlife Trust have successfully restored the old farm buildings from Sutton Court and the surrounding historic landscape to provide a fantastic location for a conference and a memorable place for learning. Our busy schools programme provides opportunities for students to explore the natural world in a safe and inspiring environment, whether they come for a day or an overnight experience.

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