Friday, 30 August 2013

Avon Wildlife Safari Day 43 - Let's go fly a kite...

This weekend Bristol hosts one of Europe's largest kite events with Bristol International Kite Festival. This truly, visually stunning, free event is on all through the weekend and hosts spectacular shows, amazing air sculptures, a wind orchestra and plenty of children's activities and attractions.

This year you will be able to see Japanese fighting kites, angel kites, magnificent butterfly kites, kite buggies and landboards, and a mass fly-in of flowing serpent deltas. Named by The Guardian as one of it's top '50 Family freebies for the Summer Holidays', this event has so much going on you may just want to go on both days! 

If you get the kite 'bug' then here's some fun facts for you to consider and aspire to,

  • The largest number of kites flown on a single line is 11,284.
  • The longest kite in the world is 1034 metres long.
  • The fasted recorded speed of a kite is over 120 mph.
  • Some Japanese kites weigh over 2 tons!
  • The world record for the longest kite fly is 180 hours. 
But don't worry, everyone starts at the beginning and Avon Kite Flyers will be holding a free children's kite-making workshop so that you can transform household materials into a simple kite while you are there.

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